Inauguration of the Centenary Jubilee Year

The seed of the Apostolic Carmel was swan in the Heart of Mother Veronica who realized the greatness of the mission God was entrusting to her. The plant that grew from her heart was planted in the Indian soil 150 years ago, and from there came another shoot to Sri Lanka, to be grown into a mighty tree with branches spreading all over, shading our land with love, kindness and compassion. We gratefully remember our four pioneer Sisters, Srs. Lourdes, Cresence, Clare and Justine, who dared to come to a new land, to foreign people, leaving everything known and certain, to serve the Lord in a land of unknown. It is in gratitude to God to those Sisters who build our history for the past 99 years in our country, that we stand before God and praise Him for the fruits of hundred years of A.C. presence in Sri Lanka.

Let us spend this year before us re-dedicating ourselves for the purpose for which He has called us to live the A.C. way of Life. We launch into the preparation for the Centenary Jubilee Celebration which each one of us thank the Lord for His mercy and love, down the years to contribute our own way, with our own talents and skills.