Carmel Arunodayam, Akkaraipattu

Main Apostolates:

Teaching Apostolate,

Parish Apostolate: Teaching Catechism, visiting houses and hospitals, social work.

 Institution runs by the convent:

  • Girls’ Home

Due to the situation and ethnic conflicts in our country many families lost their earning members. Specially the fathers of the families. Therefore Bishop Rt. Rev Dr. Kingley Swampillai decided to have a Girls’ home for the children; Specially for children of parents who had died at the ethnic conflict. So, the sisters opened a Girls’ home on the 5th of May 1986, with about 10 girls. This project is fully financed by the Bishop and EHED. This is one of the main missions of the sisters.  There are 20 children in the Girls’ home from Grade 3 to 13. The sponsors are Bishop Kingley Swampillai, Mr. Gomez and Mr. Poolan.