Carmel Convent Punduluoya.

Main Apostolates : Teaching Apostolate, Estate ministry, St. Peter’s Home

Parish Apostolate : Visiting houses in estates (sisters in charge of the 11 estates in the aria) , In charge of the Parish Sacristy, in charge of catechism, Holy Childhood, preparing children for first holy communion, conformation, decorating church for Feast & special occasion, Adult catechism, Giving marriage instruction. Visiting the sick and needy, Attending the funeral houses and conduct prayer services.

Other Apostolates : Conducting ASIPA in the Estates, in charge of Carmel blossom, and Carmel Association, conducting meeting and prayer service for them, Giving free classes for less fortunate students who are very much in need of help and care in the schools.

Institutions run by the community:

St. Peter’s Home
There are 21 children in the St. Peter’s Home and all are from the Estates. They are in grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and A/L. Children are trying their best to study with the help of the sisters. Sisters take make grate efforts to bring these children to come up in lives. Specially sisters are helping them to study well. They are also trained psychologically, physically, spiritually and also given them the value Education and formation. Specially the year 2020 because of the pandemic many children stayed with the sisters during the lockdown. They were instructed by the sisters how to make use of the time, not only studying but also doing vegetable garden, flower garden, watering the plants daily and spent their time creatively (handworks, making cards, drawing and painting.) These children are helped with the help of benefactors.

  • Carmel Pre- School