Carmel Piyuma, Colombo 08

Main Apostolates:

Bethlehem Creche


This is one of the main apostolate of our community. Sr. Florella is in charge of the entire management of the institution. Sr. Charmaine assists, in managing the accounts and other work. The children from the age of one and half to five are admitted from low income families and are fed, clothed, trained in social etiquettes and education.  This year due to the pandemic did not have regular classes and the Creche was closed due to safeguard the Children. Parents were interviewed, helped to find jobs and to build up a better family. English, dance and needle work classes are organized for the staff. There are 7 residential staff. Sr. Adelina prepares them to receive Holy Communion and Confirmation. Sr. Nirmalee takes music lessons for two staffs.


Carmel Home


Sr. Suboginee is in charge of the Home. Poor and the children from broken families are accommodated in the Home. The students taken in are, from the age 11 upwards. Children are selected from single parent family or orphans. There are 42 residential students. They attend three different schools – All Saints College Borella, St. Anthony’s Dematagoda and St. Anthony’s Madampitiya. In the afternoon they are given extra classes in Mathematics, Science, English and computer studies. Tutors are chosen according to the subjects. Time is allotted for games in the evenings, and to do their daily duties. They attend Holy Mass and Sunday school at All Saints Parish on Sundays. They are also given opportunity to watch Tele – Drama on week –ends and other educational programmes. They are taken on one-day outing twice a year. Instructions are given to them by the Sister in Charge to motivate them and to teach right values. Above all they are trained to pray. They read the Liturgy readings of the following day. Pray the Rosary daily and community Sisters take turn to pray with them. On Sundays Sisters conduct ASIPA for them and this had helped them to share their feelings and experience healing in their lives. Sr. Adelina takes English Tuition for upper classes.


Prison Apostolate.

Parish Apostolate :Choir, Adult Catechism

Other Apostolates: Catechetical National Office,Aloysius Minor Seminary- teaching